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Hypo-Microbial Style

Meet Lori.

Staying healthy has always been important to me. But after a weekend of working out, I became incredibly ill - unable to feed myself, go to work, or do my daily routine for six months. A five-day immunoglobulin transfusion was the only thing that got me back on my feet. What caused me to get so sick? Placing my gym bag on the floor at the gym allowed bacteria to hitch a ride back to my house where we believe it made its way into my system. While this may seem like an extreme case, thousands of people experience various types of illnesses every year.

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That’s How ThePureBag™ was Born

Yoga was a big part of my recovery, and when I was looking for antimicrobial bags online, my search yielded no results. Gym germs got me once, and I was never going to let them get me again, so I created the only germ-resistant yoga mat bag on the market. It protects against the most common germs and bacteria lurking at the gym, including:


carried by two out of every 100 people, it’s a staph infection that does not respond to most antibiotics and causes a rash, fever, shortness of breath, and chest pain

Athlete’s Foot

a fungal infection that affects 20% of the population and causes a scaly red rash as well as itching, burning, and stinging between the toes on the foot

Strep Throat

with more than three million cases a year, strep is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and throat pain and is accompanied by a fever and fatigue

Plantars Warts

caused by HPV, plantars warts are hard, small warts that appear on the bottom of your feet and are diagnosed in 10% of the population

The Threat of Illness is Very Real

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