You’ll Love This Bag!  Germs Won’t.

Carry AllThe Bennett Bag from ThePureBag® will be your new “Go To” carry all bag to keep germs away while you’re on the move!

Great for the gym, work, travel and everyday – this stylish, functional carry-all provides hypo-microbial protection for your personal items and gear.  It is crafted of silver-embedded healthcare quality fabric – inside and out – that defends against bacteria (including MRSA), fungus, mold and mildew.  No more worries on where you set your bag or what you toss into it!

The water-resistant, UV-protected Bennett Bag by ThePureBag® features three stylish color combinations with a top zipper enclosure – all to keep your contents and personal environment fresh, hip and germ-free.  The front diagonal pocket with dual zipper pulls adds a bold look that offers ample space to store your water bottle, smart pad, smaller personal items and sunglasses.

Awesome Color Designs:

Terrain + Dune with
Fresh Orange interior
Carry All Bag

Lake Blue + Leaf with
Leaf Green interior
Carry All Bag

Graphite + Sky Grey with
Ocean Blue interior
Carry All Bag

You’ll Love This Bag!  Germs Won’t.

ThePureBag® Bennett Bag offers the perfect combination of style + wellness!  Gift yourself for vacations, business travel or just everyday life!

Carry All


We appreciate our customers and value your suggestions.  Many of you asked for a carry all bag for your everyday life.  With this input, we found and collaborated with recent university grad, Hailey Bennett to bring this vision to life here at ThePureBag®.

A Philadelphia native, Hailey earned her BFA in Fashion Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprise from Syracuse University in 2018.  In addition, she spent a semester abroad in the UK at the London College of Fashion.  We met Hailey at a Fitness Event and connected with her on both wellness and design philosophies.

Inspired by the diverse cultures in the marketplace, Hailey’s design work intertwines colors, textures and prints while integrating techniques and elements of sustainability.  The resulting product named after Hailey – The Bennett Bag by ThePureBag®  – is a celebration of versatility, function and eye-catching design.  The Bennett Bag is the perfect accessory to add that fresh pop of uniqueness (along with germ protection!) to everyday life!