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the grossest places at the gym

The Grossest, Germiest Places at the Gym and How to Protect Yourself

Everyone knows if you want to promote good health, going to the gym is a large component. However, hidden behind all the workout machines and shared fitness classes are hundreds of thousands of microscopic germs, bacteria, and fungi itching to find a host. Community settings paired with the sweat and moisture of the gym are […]

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Behind-the-scenes with ThePureBag

Behind-the-Scenes Snapshot with ThePureBag™

Hi, I’m Lori! I’m an entrepreneur, networker, and a bit of a creative. I love creating and connecting things to help people improve their quality of life and find solutions to life’s bumps and stumbles. That passion drove me to where I am today: the founder and CLO (chief lifestyle officer) at ThePureBag™. Investing in, […]

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ThePureBag | Durable Yoga Bags

ThePureBag™ Every Day to Keep the Doctor Away

Even if you love doing yoga and going to the gym, it can be gross to think about all the bacteria and illness flying around in such a sweaty, community setting. While colds, coughing, and sneezing usually come to mind, there are also other infections, such as MRSA and athlete’s foot, that are hanging around […]

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What Yogis & Gym-goers need to know about mrsa

What Yogis and Gym-goers Need to Know About MRSA

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, more commonly referred to as MRSA, causes a staph infection that is particularly tricky because of its immunity to most antibiotics. Even though the prevalence of MRSA in hospitals is dropping in the United States, we are seeing more and more people contracting it in community settings, such as on sports teams […]

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