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ThePureBag™ Yoga Bags + Accessories that provide hypo-microbial protection from bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other gross stuff. Our stylish, functional and sporty lineup features bold, reversible and non-reversible color combinations with vibrant accents — all to keep you and your personal environment fashionably fresh, hip and germ-free. Great for the Studio, Gym, Training, Hiking, Traveling, Water Sports and more! Designed with love in Philadelphia.

2 bags in 1! Flip & reverse to match your mood. Stylish, sleek, well-designed and hypo-microbial style and protection for you and your gear. Crafted of silver-embedded marine-grade, healthcare quality vinyl – inside and out! The ideal yoga mat bag or yoga tote for the trendy yogi on the go!




Zippered pockets are ideal for your smart phone, credit cards, makeup or essential oils. They’re crafted with the same hypo-microbial style and materials as our Yoga Bags. Just toss one into your bag or use it solo!

Waterproof bag will protect wet clothing, bathing suits or dirty sneakers from germs and keep them fresh and “stink free”. Simply toss into your bag and go!

Silver lining mat wrap made with hypo-microbial style will protect you from rolling up germs into your mat. Post-practice, simply tuck the end of your mat into the top holder and roll!


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Yoga Bags

What are the important attributes of a yoga bag?  In a blinded Facebook poll, we asked yogi’s to “choose the most ESSENTIAL features you need in a yoga bag”.  We learned that the following are essentials… in order of importance: (1) quality and durability, (2) functionality and roominess, (3) self-cleaning and hygienic, (4) fashion and style, and (5) made specifically for yoga. Essentially, what this poll tells us is that yoga bags with these qualities are considered more valuable by yogi’s. Furthermore, 98% of you indicated interest in yoga gear bags designed to protect you from germs and unwanted microorganisms that are often found in workout environments.

Yoga Bag


Best Yoga Bag

Yoga Bag

At ThePureBag®, we hear you!  We’re creating a paradigm shift with yoga bags + protection!  Our innovative yoga bags are both stylish and functional.  We even incorporated a detachable, dual purpose strap so you can use it to stretch during practice!  Most of our products are yoga bags for women.  They are US-manufactured to high-quality standards and are available in cool colors like blue, black, orange, green and silver.  These durable yoga bags provide ample room for your mat, your blocks, a towel and other yoga essentials.  Our yoga bags are constructed of durable material with embedded silver ion technology to protect your gear from germs and bacteria – inside and out.  Plus, they are water-resistant, UV-protected and abrasion-resistant. All of these essentials are thoughtfully integrated into the ThePureBag® in order to give you the perfect yoga bag!



Yoga Gear Bags

Our innovative line of antimicrobial yoga bags endeavors to help keep individuals hip, clean & healthier with our Hypo-Microbial Style.  In our FB poll, we learned that in addition to taking your yoga gear bag with you to both indoor and outdoor yoga class, you’ll also be bringing it into locker rooms and to the gym. You’ll also probably bring it with you to work, school, coffee shops, cars, trains and buses.  If you purchase one of our yoga travel bags, you may even be bringing it on planes, outdoors, or maybe even on a yoga excursion to a place like India. With exposure to all of these environments, ThePureBag® antimicrobial yoga bags are designed to protect your gear from germs and other gross stuff.  The word is spreading! The germs are not!

Yoga Bags



Yoga Bag for Gym

Why Choose ThePureBag® Yoga Bag?

To sum it up, our yoga bag offers uncompromised quality, style and protection from germs.  Unlike a cotton yoga bag, our bag defends against bacteria and other microorganisms.  Our healthcare-grade vinyl yoga mat bag is durably constructed and is water, stain and abrasion-resistant – a truly weather resistant yoga bag.  These gym bags for women and men are stylish, functional, roomy and spacious for your yoga gear.  Our custom yoga bag even offers a detachable strap that can be used for stretching during class.  To complement our line of antimicrobial yoga bags, we offer accessories:  ZipPockets (a yoga purse bag) for your phone, cords, credit cards or makeup, a Cinch Bag (sweat bag) for dirty clothes, shoes or towels and a MatWrap to help protect your mat after practice.   We are confident you will love our cool yoga mat bag for yoga mat and accessories!

Antimicrobial Yoga Bags are Creating Buzz!

ThePureBag® yoga bags have been featured in:

  • CBS Philly Fall Active Fashion Trends TV – Oct 2018
  • TV8 “Good Morning Vail Show” – Jul 2018
  • Shameless episode “The Hobo Games” – Airing March 10, 2019

Magazines & Print

  • Philadelphia Inquirer – Aug 2018
  • Lancaster News – Sep 2018
  • Philadelphia Magazine – Mar 2018 & Dec 2018
  • Yoga Journal’s 2018 Summer Gear Guide – June 2018
  • Yoga Journal’s Gear Guide – Sep 2018
  • LAYOGA Editorial Feature – Oct 2018
  • 5280 Denver Magazine – Nov 2018


  • “Best of Philly” Award in 2018 – Best of Be Well Philly

Best Yoga Bags